cowboy room entry

The entry space into this fabulous cowboy theme babies room was very uninspiring until we decided to do this cool mural. I painted onto the door panels to create a Tromp L'oeil effect which makes you feel like you are looking out into the desert. We used prairie desert colors to coordinate with the Suede clothe fabric walls. The materials used in the curtains is vintage cowboy which also went well with the mural design. This room has it all, the barn is a custom closet for "stuff" and an old saddle sits on top. The chandelier is a wagon wheel with tepees as lights. Custom shelving, below the ceiling, wraps the room and a very cool train circles. My client wanted big puffy white clouds on the ceiling which I took down to the train tracks. I could go on and on with details. Believe it or not dad was the designer if this magical space for his new son. Goes to show that with a little imagination anyone can create a beautiful space for their child. Way to go DAD